As part of our commitment to building brighter futures for our children, Mathematics at Beenyup Primary reflects best practice and is based on evidence based approaches to ensure students have opportunities to learn the essential skills outlined in the Western Australian Curriculum.

To support consistency across year levels we have implemented a whole school approach to teaching Mathematics.  We believe students develop mathematical concepts and skills through high quality learning experiences in which they are actively involved in doing and discussing, reasoning and reflecting, investigating, observing and collaborating within a supportive and productive learning environment all whilst knowing it is okay to make mistakes, as this is a vital part of the learning process.

All classes participate in a daily Mathematical lesson structure format. This includes an explicit learning intention and success criteria which enable our students to understand the learning outcomes of the lesson. Through our consistent lesson structure approach, mathematical concepts are taught through explicit teaching and high quality learning experiences that develop a robust understanding of concepts by building on from students’ prior knowledge, extending, challenging and consolidating their thinking with opportunities to practice and apply new skills.