Absences, late arrivals, vacations and attendance

It is a legal requirement for children to attend school. Establishing and maintaining positive attendance of above 90% has been clearly linked to school achievement and success in future studies. 

If your child is late to school, please go to the administration office and sign your child in using our Academy system. A late sticker will be generated to be given to the class teacher. Students who arrive after 9:15am will be marked as absent for the session. Parents of students who are regularly late will be contacted to discuss the situation as patterns of lateness are disruptive to learning. 

If your child is unwell, please provide a written explanation or phone the school with an explanation for their absence. You can also SMS 0437 442 895 to notify us of your child's absence and reasoning. SMS messages will be sent out automatically to parents at 9.15am if a child is absent from school. As a school we are unable to support the absence of students for vacations during term time. All vacation leave taken during the term will be marked as an 'unauthorised vacation'. Parents are asked to forward written notice of any vacation leave outlining the dates your child will be away and a valid reason to the principal prior to the leave being taken.