Key Service Information

 Service contact details: Ph: 0455 341 312 Email: beenyup@oshclub.com.au 

Welcome to OSHClub Before, After School and Vacation Care (where applicable) provider 

OSHClub works in partnership with Beenyup Primary School to provide Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services to the school community. We pride ourselves on providing children with fun, play based learning experiences. From exciting activities, healthy nutritious food, to caring motivated team members; the service meets all your children’s needs. 

What happens at OSHC? 

We provide a range of activities for all ages including arts and crafts, games, sports, drama, board games, dress ups, cooking activities and fun social time with friends. On request from parents children can also participate in Homework Club. The service provides breakfast at Before School Care and afternoon tea at After School Care. 

Our Team 

Your children are in the care of our qualified and experienced team members that have a current working with children’s check and are trained in First Aid, CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis. 

What to bring 

Please ensure your children have appropriate and comfortable clothing and footwear, including a hat. 

Where is the service located? 

The OSHC service is located on site at Beenyup Primary School. All children attending the service must be dropped off in the morning or collected in the afternoon by an authorised person and signed in and out of each session. Children in Year 1 and above can walk straight to/from their classrooms. OSHClub team members will pick up and drop off the Kindy and Pre-Primary students, escorting them to the service. 

How to Enrol 

An online OSHClub enrolment form must be completed via oshclub.com.au prior to your child’s first attendance. Once enrolled with OSHClub, you will be required to log into your account and book the sessions you require. 

Making or Cancelling Bookings 

We offer permanent and casual bookings at the same affordable price to accommodate the needs of our families. Once enrolled, bookings can be made online at any time, up to 24 hours prior to the commencement of the session of care for Before and After School Care and up to 5 days prior for Vacation Care. Late bookings can be made by calling our Customer Service and Billing Team on 1300 395 735. Bookings made within 24 hours will incur an extra charge of $4.00 per session per child (excluding rebates). Vacation Care, bookings must be made 5 days in advance of session care commencement, or they will also incur an extra charge of $4.00 per session. 


48 hours’ notice is required for cancellation of a before and after school booking and 7 days’ notice is required for cancellation of a Vacation Care booking to ensure you will not incur out of pocket costs. Cancellations can be made through the following means: 

  • Online - Logging into your account at oshclub.com.au 
  • Phone - Contacting the Customer Service and Billing Team on 1300 395 735 
  • Text - SMS to the Coordinator of the program. Include the following details to ensure your request can be processed: 


- Child’s name e.g. Scott & Katie Smith; Service e.g. Example Primary School 

- Session and date you wish to cancel e.g. After School Care on 20 November 2018 

Fees and Session Times 

Many families are eligible for Child Care Subsidy, which reduces the out of pocket cost of school hours care. The following three key tests are used to determine the amount of subsidy for each family: 

  • Combined family annual adjusted taxable income - the percentage of subsidy a family will be entitled to will be based on their combined annual income. 
  • Activity test - the number of hours of subsidised child care that families will have access to per fortnight will be based on the activity level of both parents in the workforce or other recognised activity. 
  • Service Type - the type of child care service a family uses for child care. 


To establish what level of CCS you may be entitled to please contact the Centrelink Family Line on 13 61 50. 

The following table outlines the full fee with no subsidy, for one child, per session. Please use the Governments Estimator Website to obtain an estimate that is based on your individual details.

Care Type 

Before School Care - Full Fee (excluding CCS Subsidy) 

6:30 AM - 8:30 AM 

$ 22.90

After School Care - Full Fee (excluding CCS Subsidy) 

2:30 PM - 6:00 PM 

$ 32.40 


The fees and rebate levels are subject to change each financial year and are based on the hours of operation as shown above. Child Care Subsidy is available on a sliding scale for families with a combined annual income of less than $351K, subject to Centrelink Assessment. 

Late pick-up fees of $1 per minute per child may apply. If a child that is booked for a session does not attend, and no cancellation is provided, an additional ‘No Show’ Fee of $5.00 will be charged (per child). Incursions and excursions during Vacation Care program incur an additional cost. 

How to pay 

Fees can be paid by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or by direct debit from your nominated bank account. Your account will be automatically charged every two weeks for your attendance fees. As part of the online enrolment process, you will be required to complete an online iDebitPro Direct Debit form. Please note that a penalty fee will be charged by iDebitPro to your credit card or bank account if a transaction is declined. 

If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact our Customer Service and Billing Team on 1300 395 735 (8am– 8pm Monday – Friday) or email oshaccounts@junioradventuresgroup.com.au


Please refer to our Grievance and Complaints Policy (Policy 5.5 in the Operations Policy and Procedures Manual). Any complaints or concerns regarding this service should be addressed to the Coordinator in the first instance. If you would like to escalate your complaint, please contact our Customer Service and Billing Team on 1300 395 735 and they will direct your complaint to the appropriate person in Management. We also display the Regulatory Authority contact details in service should you have any concerns you feel have not been addressed adequately. 


All policies and procedures are available at the service. Please feel free to discuss any questions or concerns with your Service Coordinator. 

Medical Management Plans and Children’s Information 

Please be aware that we have legal requirements under our legislation regarding children who have any additional medical or behavioural needs. Parents are required to provide staff with any information required for the safe care of their children as well as others who attend the program. Children will not be able to attend the service until all requested information or medication is provided.