School Communication

We believe that our children benefit the most from strong partnerships between home and school. Parents are welcome to make contact with the school to discuss student progress or problems at any time although it would be appreciated if a mutually convenient time can be made, by appointment. Parents are invited to attend our assemblies or to participate in special activities or functions that are held during the course of the year - i.e. ANZAC Day Service, Sports Carnivals, etc. 

Our communication with you will occur in a number of ways: 


The Department of Education Portal - secure log in. Classroom teachers and Administration will use this as the primary method of communication. Please ensure that you inform us of any changes to your email address so that our records remain up to date. Your email address is used to connect you with us on the CONNECT Now App. 

Connect Now

Is the App for mobile devices which links to the Connection service. It allows you to receive push notifications and engage with Notices and Discussions from your child’s class or school on your phone or tablet. 


Our website is the one stop place for information about our school – from policies, reports and procedures, Board meeting minutes, newsletters and event information. 


Beenyup PS encourages the use of emails to communicate with parents regarding important school and class information. Parents are able to arrange or make an appointment to personally discuss matters with their child’s teacher. 


Promotion of events and what is happening at Beenyup Primary School. 




Twice per term accessed via Connect. 


Beenyup Primary Communication Overview

The partnership between home and school plays a vital role in the education of children at Beenyup Primary. We are committed to ensuring that we have effective communication between all key stakeholders to establish and maintain a positive school environment and sense of belonging. The school endeavours to have parents, staff and students express high levels of  

satisfaction with the quality of communication within the school and that all communication is clear and transparent.  

For our parents, the classroom teacher should always be the first point of contact. 

Parent to School Communication
School to Parent Communication