School Board

School Board

As an Independent Public School, our School Board is made up of parents, teachers, community members and administration staff (Principal and Deputy). Parents are encouraged to nominate for positions when they are advertised. Comprehensive School Board training is provided for our Board members.


Board Members

 Chair: Shaye Mack

 Deputy Chair: Leeann Eifler

 Principal: Rebecca Instance

 Deputy Principal: Lisa Barns

 Rob Coales (Community Member)

 Ben Luckens (Community Member)

 Chelsea Versaico (Parent)

 Donna Covill (Parent)

 Morwenna Ferrari (Parent)

 Michelle Mader (Teacher)


The responsibilities of the Board are to:

· Work within the Department of Education’s relevant legislation and regulations

· Note the annual school budget

· Assist with the formulation of the Codes of conduct

· Provide advice to the Principal on religious education and related activities

· Be positive ambassadors for our school – create interest, within and across the community about

  our school

· Approve fees, charges and contributions and items of personal use (booklists) as well as extra cost


· Participate in a review of the performance of the school

· Approve arrangements for sponsorship or advertising

· Hold one open meeting each year to report to the school community


The School Board does not:

· Manage the day to day running of the school

· Intervene in the educational instruction of students

· Performance manage the Principal or any staff member

· Discuss individual issues relating to teachers, staff or parents – these are the responsibility of the


· Represent specific interest groups or permit special interests to dominate the agenda of the Board.


 The School Board Minutes 2022:

 . 14 February 2022

 . 21 March 2022

 . 9 May 2022 

 . 1 August 2022

 . 22 November 2022

 The School Board Minutes 2023:

. 13 February 2023